We want to work with you to maximise the impact of your research. Our team is with you every step of the way, as you take your ideas and discoveries from the campus into the wider world.

We work closely with our research community to help identify, develop and protect research breakthroughs - and collaborate externally with industry and other partners to find the best pathway to impact. 

All staff and research students can access further resources via our new section on the Research Community Portal called 'Knowledge Transfer, Innovation and Impact' (usual login details).   There you will find information on:
- Funding and mechanisms and other opportunities.
- Tracking, identifying, developing and protecting new inventions and research breakthroughs.
- Collaborative research and industry engagements.

You can also find out about our flagship projects which include:
  • The Innovation Office Impact Series:  An annual 7-week integrated series that introduces knowledge transfer and innovation for all research community members. Topics include -  Design Thinking. Intellectual Property. R&D Collaboration, Licensing and Start-Ups. Engaged Research. Grant Writing and Presentation Skills.  Launching an Academic Spin-Out. The Commercial Roadmap. Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Impact Accelerator:  This advanced programme is delivered over a 3-month period and is aimed at researchers interested in starting their own enterprise, whether a commercial entity or a social enterprise.  Members of our research community can click here for more info or read our flyers Impact Accelerator 2023Impact Accelerator (2022).
  • The Research Impact Project: A toolkit and series of support to help researchers plan, capture, communicate and monitor research impact. 
  • The Illuminate ProgrammeAn initiative of the Innovation Office specifically for students and staff of the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies.  Funding is available to fund projects that demonstrably help to solve societal problems aligned to any of the 17 UN SDGs with knowledge exchange at the heart of the project.  
Login/visit Knowledge Transfer, Innovation and Impact on the Research Community Portal for more.